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Q&A: On Illustration, Collaboration, and Anthropology

This month, we launch our first graphic novel and the first book in our new ethnoGRAPHIC series, Lissa: A Story about Medical Promise, Friendship, and Revolution. This project is the result of a collaborative effort involving many players, but at the heart of the process is the collaboration between two …

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Five Years of Teaching Culture

Five years ago this fall we launched an experiment. As an editor at a university press, with an interest in ethnographic methods and a mandate for publishing teaching-oriented texts, I wanted to connect with a community of people that wasn’t always easy to find. That community included anthropologists who wanted …

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Adventures in Blogging: Bringing Anthropology to the World

For World Anthropology Day, we asked Paul Stoller to share his thoughts on the urgent need for a more public anthropology, as well as his ideas about blogging as one particular way to reach that public. Paul’s forthcoming book, Adventures in Blogging: Public Anthropology and Popular Media, will be available …

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Fallout by Johnny Savage

Please follow me on Instagram @MarcoBohr. Johnny Savage, from the series ‘Fallout’ In his series Fallout, the Irish photographer Johnny Savage depicts interior spaces of building projects that came to a halt in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008. Part of the so-called PIIGS, Ireland …

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An Advance Student Review of Lissa

Reviews of Lissa, the graphic novel launching our new ethnoGRAPHIC series, will start to appear in the next few weeks, including reviews by academics writing for journals, blogs, and more public venues like The Lancet. But what about the students who are the target audience for this book? How do …

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